Our Experience. Our Background.

Established in 1975, Lanter Transport was a truckload division of the Lanter Company.  In 2005, Lanter Transport was privately acquired and turned into LTI Trucking Services.  Today we are an asset based trucking company and 3PL (third party logistics) provider.  We are located in St. Louis, Missouri but have transportation capabilities nationwide.  Our team is well-experienced in transportation and is continuously enhancing the way in which we create value for our customers.

Our Experience.

Strategic Growth & Success.

Since 2005, LTI has more than doubled in size.  With a very controlled and planned out growth strategy, LTI successfully navigated through an economic period that took its toll on the trucking industry.  Now we are operating over 550 pieces of equipment as our fleet and logistics divisions move over 60,000 loads per year.  LTI’s growth is a testament to our innovative transportation solutions and our quality service.

Strategic Growth

Satellite Tracking
All of LTI Trucking’s loads are carried on semi tractors that have satellite messaging and tracking. We understand the responsibility we take when we transport your freight, which is why we know where it is every step of the way.
Customer Interfaces
At any time, LTI closely monitors, tracks, and forecasts the status of loads that are in transit; a capability that we extend to our customers. Using LTI’s site you’ll be able to conveniently check the status of loads and monitor them in real time.
Safety Initiatives
We are all stakeholders in ensuring transportation safety. LTI monitors numerous metrics on truck driving behavior through Speed Gauge, Vigillo, and ProTread which helps us train and manage our drivers in safety and performance.
EDI Capabilities
LTI’s operations and billing departments are EDI equipped. Electronic Data Imaging allows our customers to quickly, and neatly, send over load paperwork like BOLs and PODs. These electronic documents make for an efficient and well-ordered process.
Environmental Initiatives
Not only is LTI SmartWay certified, but we make sure that our company’s operation minimizes its environmental impact. We 100% utilize insulated equipment, idle shutdown systems, and APUs to move freight with our planet in mind.
Integrated Mapping
Among LTI’s technological enhancements is its load planning and mapping systems. Integrated Mapping software allows us to transport your freight with less waste and better service. Strategically route a truck and visually see its progress.

Awards and Recognition

Aside from being one of the best trucking companies to work for in St. Louis, LTI Trucking and LTI Logistics have won numerous awards for our outstanding service and innovative initiatives. LTI was honored by the City of St. Louis and the St. Louis Dept. of Economic Development in receiving the Business of the Year Award. LTI was selected by the Environmental Protection Agency, to receive the SmartWay Excellence Award, given for being one of twenty companies nationwide with a record of successfully implementing pollution-reduction techniques.

Awards and Recognition

My dispatching from my Fleet Manager is great because and shows why LTI is different. It shows outside of the box thinking and hones in on my preferences and strengths as a driver. It pushes me to be the best I can be.
Dedicated Driver Mary Dye