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Our Drivers. Meet our team.

It is our drivers that make LTI Trucking Services the best trucking company to work for.  Not only do our drivers bring the best out of themselves, but they also bring out the best in their coworkers.  Safety, courteousness, efficiency, and talent are some of the key elements that make up an LTI truck driver.  If this describes you, then you will fit in well with LTI’s culture and fleet of exceptional OTR drivers.

Our Drivers.


How LTI and its truck drivers stand out.

Your dispatcher will know you. Frequent communication is a strength at LTI; making sure all members of our team are on the same page.
CSA Safety
LTI is well below each of the FMCSA basic category scores. Our drivers look out for themselves, the company, and all others on the road.
Your Passenger
We understand what it’s like on the road and want you to have the company of a family member or pet. LTI is one of the few trucking companies that allow pets.
Consistent Pay
Never take home less than what you have earned. Receive weekly paychecks for miles, layover pay, & detention pay.
The LTI Brand
Wear the LTI logo proudly. Receive LTI merchandise for being safe, as a thank you, or through the company’s store.
Great Service
LTI’s truck drivers service large corporate food accounts. Not only do they accomplish the major tasks at hand – they do so with a smile.

Family Tree

Ready to join the family? See what our truck drivers say about their jobs.

I am known by my name not my truck. I feel like I have a family when I'm on the road. They recognize my hard work and I feel I'm rewarded for my efforts. The compensation is competitive and the working environment is excellent. I really enjoy my job.
Driver Randy Stewart
I've been an LTI Owner Operator for 24 years. Things need to be ran right for me to run my truck and manage my business and LTI makes it happen. I get the miles, runs, and respect to ensure that I'll finish my career at LTI.
Owner Operator Roger Yount
Training for LTI Trucking Services has been a great way to develop companionship on the road. It has provided me the opportunity to train and teach the next generation of truck drivers and it's enhanced my working relationship with others.
Driver Trainer Steve Irwin
At LTI, lease purchasing means low payments and enough miles to do more than just 'pay the bills.' We receive base pay and fuel surcharges, but also get discounts on fuel and maintenance. You're treated well and owning your truck is easier than ever.
Driver Jesse Haws