E-Log & On Time Delivery

After years off talks, delays, and negotiations, the FMCSA and DOT have officially put the ELD Mandate into law.

Driver Relations Manager

Hello team! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something exciting. There are many places that we can be but like you, I love trucks and everything about them! That is why I’m excited to be a part of LTI.

The Driver Born in a Truck

The trucker that was born in a truck, huh?  Give me the details.

Well, my parents pulled up in front of the diesel pumps at the Shenandoah, Ohio truck stop in a 1973 Freightliner.

LTI truck driver

So, you’re a second generation LTI driver.  Tell us about that.

That’s right. My mom & step-father drove for LTI back in the day, and I started driving for LTI back in August 2016.  They drove here until last November, so we actually drove here at the same time for a few months, until they retired.

Some of the most frequent types of severe crashes are rear-end collisions.  These crashes, which are one of the four Critical Crashes Types, often result in extensive property damage, serious bodily injuries, or even death.  They are often much more severe when a large truck is involved

LTI strives to offer the most rewarding and competitive pay programs for our drivers.  As a company, we are very appreciative of the productive and safe individuals who make up our driving team.  We therefore have created a new Productivity Pay Program.


There are tons of benefits to driving as a team, such as running more miles and making more money. However, driving with a co-pilot requires extra precautions, and having a system in place is extremely important.

While on the road, it may seem difficult to find a quality truck stop filled with unique amenities, but they are out there. Exhibiting far more than the basics, some truck stops offer some impressive attractions.

Lately we’ve been receiving a lot of questions at the service counter about idling the truck.  Excessive idling of our newer equipment causes premature engine wear and causes problems in the after treatment systems.


In October, 2016, a truck driver drove his truck filled with 2,000 cases of Budweiser beer down Interstate 25 in Colorado.  This wasn’t your typical delivery though.  As he drove, he hit a big red button to the right of his steering wheel labeled “engage” and his truck took over for him.  He move

We like working for LTI because we stay busy and you can get a hold of somebody, day or night. The dispatchers are very good at what they do and great to work with.
Team Drivers Terry & Brenda Williford