Driver Orientation & Compliance Manager

LTI Trucking Services, based in St. Louis, MO, is seeking a Driver Orientation & Compliance Manager. LTI Trucking Services has been growing and was listed on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America and has received the St. Louis Business of the Year award twice. We are an asset based company and full service logistics company.

Job Description

  • Provide Weekly Orientation for all New Hires
    • Conduct driver road-test
    • Provide classroom training to newly hired employees
    • Identify drivers who need additional training to succeed
    • Provide recommendations for drivers struggling to complete orientation
    • Effectively communicate using multiple training methods (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic)
  • Use the Driving Simulator Technology to provide effective driver training
  • Be able to physically demonstrate how to properly conduct a pre-trip inspection, operate the Qualcomm unit, APU, Refer units, and trailer washout process
  • Assist drivers with ProTread training requirements
    • Assist drivers with login
    • Assign applicable training topics
  • Manage Roadside Inspection Process
    • Monitor and respond to Vigillo notifications
    • Submit Roadside Inspections to appropriate State government branch
    • Assist Drivers with Paying Tickets and Citations
    • Add and Remove drivers from Vigillo
  • Assist with Managing Driver Logs Process
    • Ensure drivers comply with Hours-of-Service (HOS) Requirements
    • Input violation information pertaining to logs
    • Provide Driver Retraining
    • Add and Remove drivers from Omnitracs
  • Send out Weekly Safety Training Tips and Updates via Qualcomm to the Fleet
  • When necessary, assist Operations with Corrective Action Procedure
    • Prepare documented written warnings
    • Administer corrective action
    • Assign retraining
  • Facilitate the execution of random drug/alcohol tests
    • Assist Fleet Managers in scheduling random Drug and Alcohol Test
    • Communicate Weekly Completion Rates to Fleet Manager
    • Document Drug Test Results in McLeod

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