Per Mile or Percentage of Load: Your Choice

Receive either Pay per Mile or a percentage of the load's freight charge.

  • $1.05 on All Miles + Fuel Surcharge on All Miles
  • 65% of the Load + Fuel Surcharge on All Miles

Owner Operators at LTI mainly haul temperature-controlled freight, which pays much higher than dry van freight.  Under LTI's percentage of the load option, this means you will make significantly more than what other companies are paying.


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Per Mile or Percentage of Load:

Multiple Trucks? Put Your Fleet On.

The trucking industry has always been challenging and things aren't getting easier.


Contract your entire fleet on to LTI today and eliminate the headaches.  We can help your business and revenue, even as the E-Log Mandate approaches, equipment prices rise, and freight remains unpredictable.  LTI will put an E-Log in your trucks for free, let you use our trailers for free, and give you tons of consistent freight.


The best part is that your fleet still stays as your own.


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Multiple Trucks?

High Dollar Freight
LTI works with large shippers, meaning our freight is consistent and pays way more than brokers.
Huge Fuel Discounts
Get fuel discounts from major vendors like Loves, Pilot, Flying J ranging from $0.25-$0.45 per gallon.
Free Qualcomm
The ELD Mandate is around the corner. We will install a Qualcomm in your truck at no charge and you will have no compliance issues.
Put on Your Fleet
Contract your entire fleet on. We will keep all of your employees busy and pay you for the work your fleet does.
No Equipment Fees
Unlike our competitors, we do not charge our Owner Operators trailer rental fees or Qualcomm usage fees.
Get the Loads
Miles and loads will be sent over frequently by your Fleet Manager. No more waiting on a load or dealing with load boards.