Beginning on July 1st, LTI launched a newly enhanced fuel incentive program for LTI’s company over-the-road drivers.  We are excited to announce that in a typical year this incentive will pay out $100,000 among hundreds of drivers each quarter.


LTI is very fortunate to have a great group of professional drivers.  As part of this, we ask that you manage your fuel consumption to be efficient; this incentive rewards you for being a professional driver.


This new enhancement to our fuel incentive program will reward drivers where they can make the greatest impact.  In the past a component of the fuel incentive had to do with miles-per-gallon.  Today’s technology and equipment advancements have improved our fleet’s MPG performance.  Now the objective is to focus on improving idling.


Here is how it works: each quarter, drivers will be ranked by idle percentage (from best to worst).  The top 100 drivers will receive payouts at the levels noted below! 

  • Top Driver: $100
  • Top 10 Drivers: $700
  • Top 30 Drivers: $250
  • Top 100 Drivers: $100


In addition to this incentive, LTI wants to encourage some drivers with high idle percentages to also improve.  We have contacted a selection of drivers individually to share a customized bonus plan.  Each of these drivers will have through September to reach various goal levels in exchange for improvement bonuses.  After September, these drivers can continue to earn extra bonuses in the future if the performance is sustained.


As long as the driver is working above minimal levels and being safe, they will be eligible to receive payouts.  Being safe means the usual: no preventable accidents, injuries, equipment damage, claims, FMCSA violations or warnings, or large hours of service violations.


For more details on the rules and structure of the program, please see the program description in the Driver Handbook.  Drivers’ fleet managers and LTI’s Fuel Administrator, Dave Seib (Ext. 7774) are also available for any questions.


Thank you for your hard work and helping LTI be efficient and successful!  We are pleased to have an updated and well-structured program that presents you with meaningful goals and rewards.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018