Here at LTI, we bring new drivers into our orientation class each week.  These drivers are a very important part of our family. To help with assimilating these new LTI team members into the fold, we have created a special fleet for these drivers. We have recently placed a fleet manager as the head of this fleet.


Mike Jansen has been with LTI for 3 years and has been in different positions in the trucking industry for 25 years. He has worked in shipping departments, been a driver, and currently is a fleet manager. This experience is essential to our new drivers and the LTI family as a whole. Mike is able to coach new drivers on everything from utilizing their hours, making deliveries on time, scaling loads, and many other things about being a successful driver.


The New Driver Fleet is a bit different than the other 3 Regional fleets. There are only 20-30 drivers on this fleet at any given time, compared to the 40-50 of the fleets of more established drivers. A driver can “graduate” from the New Driver Fleet, when they are deemed an “A” driver. This can happen as quickly as 2 weeks out from orientation. Some drivers are newer to the industry, and need a bit more attention and coaching and they will stay on the fleet a bit longer. But I have seen firsthand, that Mike’s coaching and advice has allowed these drivers to further their careers and become outstanding members of the LTI family.


Since taking over the New Driver fleet, the average miles for the fleet have gone up by almost 300 miles per truck per week. Many of these include drivers who are exceeding the mileage goal of more experienced drivers in their first weeks. Graduation off of the New Driver Fleet has accelerated as well, with as many as 3-5 drivers moving on to the regular long haul fleets every week. Turnover for the new driver fleet has dropped significantly since Mike was assigned to the fleet. New drivers are enjoying their time here at LTI and are growing into our LTI family in the larger fleets.


Mike has been an excellent fleet manager for all the years he’s been here and is now providing his experience and knowledge to the new drivers brought on to LTI. He cares about his drivers, often coming in early, and staying late to make sure their needs are met. His familiarity with all aspects of the industry have helped drivers and other fleet managers alike. I would like to personally thank Mike for his commitment and dedication to LTI. Thanks for providing a jumping off point for the Drivers of Tomorrow.


Monday, April 23rd, 2018